The Finishing Process

At Loren Castings, we know that jewelry casting is just the start of creating the pieces your customers want. Jewelry finishing is where your designs really start to shine! Learn more about the process, and trust the team here at Loren Castings to make your jewelry dreams a reality.


This is the first step after manufacturing to remove sand, scale, and any excess metal from your design. There are a number of methods used to clean manufactured jewelry, including sandblasting and chemical applications to remove carbon deposits. While cleaning is the first step of finishing jewelry, it doesn’t end here — the pieces will be cleaned throughout the process.


Polishing helps remove any traces of filing or sanding. It leaves a more refined surface with a slightly dull finish, reducing the appearance of flaws. This step of the process typically involves the use of abrasive belts or discs.


Tumbling typically involves placing the jewelry pieces into a tumbler with a media, such as steel shot. This step helps improve the shine and brightness of jewelry pieces.


Buffing is the final step of the finishing process. This includes the use of fabric wheels and compounds to remove any marks from abrasion and produce a very smooth polished surface. There are a number of finishes that can be achieved throughout this process, from a mirror-like high shine to flat matte surfaces or textures like hammering or brushing.

Why Choose Loren Castings

When you need support creating beautiful jewelry to meet the needs of your customers, turn to Loren Castings! We can handle every step of the jewelry production process, from casting your designs in the metal of your choice to finishing and polishing your pieces so they are ready to sell.

By outsourcing to us, not only do you avoid the cost of investing in the proper equipment and the safety risk of the small particles that come with the process of jewelry finishing, but you also can produce your best pieces in bulk in a cost-effective way. Loren Castings is here to handle production orders big and small, including special orders.

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