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Whether you are a jeweler who creates exquisite pieces from gold, silver, or platinum, or you prefer the affordability of brass for crafting your masterpieces, Loren Castings is your go-to source for jewelry casting and other casting services. Our skilled, helpful team has decades of experience helping companies just like yours, and we are confident that we can help you too! We understand that sometimes, you need a stock jewelry mounting to complete a special order, to mount a loose stone for a customer, or to build pieces for inventory. Our products can help you streamline your production process, regardless of whether you need them for small custom orders or large production runs. At Loren, we have a huge collection of classic mountings and parts for you to create with.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of working with an experienced and reliable jewelry caster for high-quality jewelry mountings and more? If so, then email us, we might just have the perfect part for you!

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