How Can Our Jewelry Casters Help You?

Does your company need a top-of-the-line jewelry caster? If so, look no further than Loren Castings. Whether you have outgrown your current production capacity, you are looking to control your production costs, or you are just looking to upgrade your current quality, our talented and dedicated team is here to help. With decades of experience and generations of expertise on our side, we are proud to be a trusted choice of jewelers for over almost 70 years.

Casting Services We Provide

Jewelry Casting 

We like to introduce ourselves as “Loren, caster to the stars!” No, we don’t make jewelry for Hollywood celebrities. Our stars are the artists and manufacturing companies we have been casting for since 1950. We love to cast, we take casting seriously, and we want to be your caster!

Finished Jewelry

The jewelry world has changed. Very few manufacturers today have big shops full of craftsmen to set and polish fine jewelry, so we have to! Our setting shop is world-class, and it is our pride and joy. Special orders, small production runs, large production runs no matter your casting need, we can handle it for you.


It can be an impossible challenge to buy a stamped part these days. The few die-striking facilities that are left want huge upfront fees for tools and dies and large guaranteed production runs. We specialize in simple tools for small to medium stamping projects.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Jewelry made by laser cutting or laser engraving that includes personalized items like monograms, nameplates, initials, and bar pendants are important in today’s design world. We have standard programs for manufacturers, or we can design one just for your customers.

CAD Design and 3D Printing

Our jewelry casters have been designing and making models for jewelry production for close to 70 years. Today, we are better than ever thanks to new software tools for creating and building 3D models. We have award-winning CAD artists and state-of-the-art 3D printers available to help bring your jewelry designs to market.


Designers are always looking to add color to their creations. We are one of the few domestic contractors who still specialize in the “Buff Enamel” process that yield vibrant, clean, and sharp accents to jewelry items.

To see our past work, browse one of our photo galleries. Our team of friendly, talented, and experienced professionals looks forward to helping you with all of your casting and manufacturing needs.

We are always looking for customers who are as passionate about their craft as we are. If you want world-class manufacturing support to take your production to the next level, we can help.

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