CAD Jewelry Design

What Is CAD?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of a computer software program to create a rendering of your jewelry designs. It’s a great way to bring a complicated design to life – without having to craft a model by hand – and you can view your design as a 2D or 3D rendering at virtually any angle.

CAD Drafting Services

At Loren Castings, our award-winning CAD artists are available to help you make the most of this technology. Our CAD drafting services allow you to turn your beautiful custom jewelry design into a computer file our 3D printer can use to make a mold. With our help, you can bring your jewelry business into the future!

3D Printing

The other half of computer-aided design is computer-aided modeling (CAM) services. Loren Castings has state-of-the-art printers available that can use the designs created in our CAD software, or files you offer us, and turn them into workable three-dimensional models. You don’t need to research the best CAD program or invest in a 3D printer to take advantage of these new techniques and technologies — we have it all at Loren Castings!

Bring Your Project to Loren Castings

Loren Castings is a full-service jewelry manufacturer that combines 70 years of experience and tradition with the latest technology. With our CAD/CAM services and your custom jewelry design, we can create all the inventory you need to connect your customers with your gorgeous creations. Explore all of our services to learn how we can meet your needs, and get in touch with a member of our team today to get started!