Laser Cutting

Using a laser to cut precious metals allows you to create complex works of art. It’s a highly accurate and reliable way of creating shapes of metal, and Loren Castings has all the equipment and expertise you need to take advantage of this cutting-edge technique.

Why Choose Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is one of the best techniques to achieve complicated patterns in your jewelry designs without having to worry about accuracy or repeatability. Our laser cutting machines are guided by software to exactly replicate your design with minimal distortion, creating intricate parts and minute details to your specifications.

Laser Engraving

Want to take your work a step further? Take advantage of our laser engraving services. We use a beam of focused light to carve into the precious metal, creating whatever pattern or customization you choose. Not only can you add new three dimensional details to your jewelry designs, but you can add options like personal monograms.

Why Work With Loren Castings?

When you entrust your project to Loren Castings, you have the opportunity to create laser-engraved and laser-cut jewelry without investing in expensive equipment or learning the complex processes yourself. Create fantastic shapes and designs, and our skilled team members will bring them to life with our high-accuracy, cost-effective equipment. Are you ready to get started? Contact Loren Castings today!