About Enameling

Enameling is a way to add beautiful – and durable – color to your creations. There are different colors and materials used in enameling, but the enamel itself is typically made of glass crushed to the texture of fine sand, which is then fused to metal in a high-heat kiln. It’s a great way to create vibrant color that lasts.

Enamel Application

Enamel can be applied in a number of ways. It can be sifted, painted, inlaid, and more, and further texture and interest can be added if you choose to work the metal through a technique such as etching.

Sifting is one of the most common applications to achieve enameled jewelry. In this case, the enamel is applied by dry sifting the glass particles onto the surface of the metal. Then, the piece is heated, typically in a kiln, until the enamel softens and flows.

Why Trust Your Enameled Jewelry to Loren Castings

Our team has more than 70 years of experience creating jewelry. When you’re looking for a manufacturer you can trust to create the designs you’ve been dreaming of, turn to Loren Castings. Enameling can be a delicate process. Each color and type of enamel reacts differently to heat and other colors, and one mistake can ruin the piece. Our expertise and our dedication to craftsmanship ensures that we bring your designs to life flawlessly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help on your next project!