What Is Die Striking?

Die striking is a unique way of manufacturing jewelry. Rather than melting metals and pouring them into molds to cool, die-struck pieces are created when ingots of gold or platinum are pressed between two custom-crafted pieces of steel with up to 50 tons of pressure. It’s a centuries-old method that results in exceptionally strong and durable jewelry.

Die Striking vs. Casting

Die striking and casting both have their advantages and disadvantages. Die striking may create superior results, but it requires significant skill and experience to be done properly, and therefore often costs significantly more as a manufacturing process when compared to casting. Casting is a simpler and more affordable process better suited to mass production, but the jewelry created by this method won’t have the same longevity as die-struck pieces.

Why Work With Loren Castings

No matter what you need from your jewelry manufacturer, Loren Castings is dedicated to bringing your designs to life. Our services include not only die striking and jewelry casting, but also engraving, finishing, and more.

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